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​more info on bridesmaids ....
 bridesmaids come in 1-52 gorgeous shades
we carry most styles you see on
​we need your bust, hips , and waist measurements to order 
please Note bridesmaids dresses  take 3-5 months to ship in after ordering them. once you have paid for your dress we can not offer you a refund and all sales are final . We have ordered a dress for you and we can't get our money back either. 
they do not come custom sized to your body. They are size 2-32 and 90% of the time we have to do alterations on every dress that ships in. 
​they can be awkward when arriving as the bust form on the mannequin is a c cup and we have to usually take the bust in. Hem is almost always necessary and we can always take a dress down 4 sizes with alterations so we like to order up a few sizes so that you can attend the wedding. If you order a gown that's too small we can only let it out 1" 
Alterations are always a separate fee and can cost $50-180 
For an appointment with the seamstress call 926.0101 after your dress arrives you will need to have 6 weeks in advance in order for us to do alterations and you have to bring your shoes for your fitting or we can't do the alterations 
Visit for more information on styles that we carry  

bridesmaids dresses glens falls, New York 
​questions ! 
Alterations are a separate fee and can cost$20-180 per gown

how much do bridesmaids cost  ?
they are $150-280 retail 
and we carry 
in up to 52 colors 

they take 3-5 months to ship in to view all styles 
*all sales are final no refunds 
For a Bridesmaids appointment please text 518.879.3600
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